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ddecline, deccline, decliine, declime, declin, declinne, declline, declnie, deeclinee, dekline, ecline

Decline — synonyms, decline antonyms, definition

1. decline (Noun)

75 synonyms
abatement adolescence adulthood age backslide backsliding blow childhood come down contraction decay declension declination declivity decrease defeat degeneration degradation depression descent • • •
1 antonym
4 definitions

decline (Noun) — Change toward something smaller or lower.

decline (Noun) — A condition inferior to an earlier condition; a gradual falling off from a better state.

decline (Noun) — A gradual decrease; as of stored charge or current.

decline (Noun) — A downward slope or bend.

7 types of
condition decrease decrement incline side slope status
21 type
declension decline in quality deterioration detumescence disuse downhill ebb ebbing erosion exponential decay exponential return loss neglect nosedive sinking spell slippage steep twilight wane worsening • • •

2. decline (Verb)

95 synonyms
abate age appease avoid backslide banish cave in cease cheapen collapse condescend correct damp debase decay decrease degenerate deny depreciate descend • • •
7 definitions

decline (Verb) — Grow worse. ex. "Conditions in the slum declined"

decline (Verb) — Not accept. ex. "He declined my offer of hospitality"

decline (Verb) — Show unwillingness towards. ex. "he declined to join the group on a hike"

decline (Verb) — Grow smaller. ex. "Interest in the project declined"

decline (Verb) — Go down. ex. "The roof declines here"

decline (Verb) — Go down in value. ex. "prices declined"

decline (Verb) — Inflect for number, gender, case, etc.. ex. "in many languages, speakers decline nouns, pronouns, and adjectives"

14 types of
change state come down decrease descend diminish drop fall go down inflect lessen react reply respond turn
39 types
bounce come down contract out degenerate deteriorate devolve dip disdain dishonor dishonour disobey drop drop away drop off fail fall away freeze off immiserate immiserise immiserize • • •