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ddecrease, deccrease, decraese, decreaase, decreas, decreasse, decreaze, decrrease, deecreeasee, dekrease, ecrease

Decrease — synonyms, decrease antonyms, definition

1. decrease (Noun)

47 synonyms
abatement alleviation consumption contraction decadence decay decline decrement degeneration deterioration diminishing diminution discount drop drop-off dwindling ebb failure fall hiatus • • •
1 antonym
4 definitions

decrease (Noun) — A change downward. ex. "there was a decrease in his temperature as the fever subsided"

decrease (Noun) — A process of becoming smaller or shorter.

decrease (Noun) — The amount by which something decreases.

decrease (Noun) — The act of decreasing or reducing something.

7 types of
alteration amount change change of magnitude modification physical process process
59 types
Deflation alleviation amortisation amortization attrition casualty contraction cut cutback de-escalation decay declassification decline deduction depletion depreciation desensitisation desensitization devaluation devitalisation • • •

2. decrease (Verb)

92 synonyms
abate abridge allay alleviate ameliorate appease attenuate bate check collapse commute compress concentrate condense constrict contract curb curtail cut damp • • •
1 antonym
2 definitions

decrease (Verb) — Become smaller or less in size, extent, or range. ex. "The amount of homework decreased towards the end of the semester"

decrease (Verb) — Make smaller. ex. "He decreased his staff"

4 types of
alter change change magnitude modify
75 types
abate abbreviate abridge belittle boil down break bring down circumscribe concentrate confine contract cut cut back cut down de-escalate decelerate decline decoct decrescendo deflate • • •