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ccollapse, colapse, collaapse, collappse, collaps, collapsee, collapsse, collapze, collllapse, coollapse, kollapse, ollapse

Collapse — synonyms, definition

1. collapse (a)

6 synonyms
degradation descending descent downfall plunge sinking

2. collapse (Noun)

34 synonyms
bankruptcy blow breaking bust collision crash debility degradation depression descending descent destruction disintegration downfall drop dud enervation failing failure fall • • •
4 definitions

collapse (Noun) — An abrupt failure of function or complete physical exhaustion. ex. "the commander's collapse demoralized his men"

collapse (Noun) — A natural event caused by something suddenly falling down or caving in. ex. "the roof is in danger of collapse" ex. "the collapse of the old star under its own gravity"

collapse (Noun) — The act of throwing yourself down.

collapse (Noun) — A sudden large decline of business or the prices of stocks (especially one that causes additional failures).

9 types of
descent happening illness malady natural event occurrence occurrent sickness unwellness
11 types
algidity breakdown cave in crack-up debacle fiasco heat hyperpyrexia heatstroke implosion shock subsidence

3. collapse (Verb)

52 synonyms
break break down break up buckle burst capsize cave in contort crack crack up crock up crumble crumple decline decrease deflate deform depreciate deteriorate disintegrate • • •
7 definitions

collapse (Verb) — Break down, literally or metaphorically. ex. "The wall collapsed" ex. "The business collapsed" ex. "The roof collapsed"

collapse (Verb) — Fall or become unconscious due to fatigue, illness, or a sudden attack.

collapse (Verb) — Fold or close up. ex. "collapse the music stand"

collapse (Verb) — Fall apart. ex. "the building collapsed after the explosion"

collapse (Verb) — Cause to burst.

collapse (Verb) — Suffer a nervous breakdown.

collapse (Verb) — Lose significance, effectiveness, or value. ex. "The school system is collapsing" ex. "The stock market collapsed"

10 types of
change change integrity fold fold up get have suffer sustain turn up weaken
15 types
break buckle concertina crumple deflate drop like flies fall over flop go off go over implode pop sink slide down slump