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ccorrecct, coorrect, corect, correc, correctt, correect, corrrrect, korrekt, orrect

Correct — synonyms, correct antonyms, definition

1. correct (a)

61 synonym
accurate actual adapted advantageous advisable agreeing allowed amended appropriate apt becoming befitting business-like close convenient decisive defined definite desirable exact • • •

2. correct (Verb)

73 synonyms
adjust admonish advance align ameliorate amend better castigate censure change chasten chastise chide compensate counteract counterbalance cure darn decline discipline • • •
1 antonym
8 definitions

correct (Verb) — Make right or correct. ex. "Correct the mistakes"

correct (Verb) — Make reparations or amends for. ex. "correct a wrong done to the victims of the Holocaust"

correct (Verb) — Censure severely. ex. "She corrected him for his insensitive remarks"

correct (Verb) — Adjust for. ex. "engineers will work to correct the effects of air resistance"

correct (Verb) — Punish in order to gain control or enforce obedience. ex. "The teacher corrected the pupils rather frequently"

correct (Verb) — Go down in value. ex. "the stock market corrected"

correct (Verb) — Alter or regulate so as to achieve accuracy or conform to a standard. ex. "correct the alignment of the front wheels"

correct (Verb) — Treat a defect. ex. "The new contact lenses will correct for his myopia"

42 types of
alter balance bawl out berate call down call on the carpet care for change change by reversal chew out chew up chide come down descend dress down equilibrate equilibrise equilibrize fall go down • • •
60 types
aby abye align amend atone attune calibrate carry citify compensate coordinate cover debug decompress depressurise depressurize expiate fine-tune fit flame • • •

3. correct (Adjective)

1 synonym
1 antonym
4 definitions

correct (Adjective) — Free from error; especially conforming to fact or truth. ex. "the correct version"

correct (Adjective) — Socially appropriate or approved. ex. "correct behaviour"

correct (Adjective) — In accord with accepted standards of usage or procedure. ex. "what's the correct word for this?"

correct (Adjective) — Having truthful opinions or making the right judgment. ex. "time proved him correct"

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correctness rightness