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ddishonour, diishonour, dishhonour, dishomour, dishonnour, dishonou, dishonourr, dishonouur, dishonuor, dishoonoour, disshonour, dizhonour, ishonour

Dishonour — synonyms, definition

1. dishonour (a) Brit, Cdn

2 synonyms
discredit obloquy

2. dishonour (Noun) Brit, Cdn

33 synonyms
abasement affront blame blemish blot contempt degradation desecration discredit disfavour disgrace disrepute flaw humiliation ignominy indignity infamy insult mark obloquy • • •
2 definitions

dishonour (Noun) — A state of shame or disgrace. ex. "he was resigned to a life of dishonour"

dishonour (Noun) — Lacking honour or integrity.

2 types of
standing unrighteousness
9 types
corruptness discredit disesteem disgrace disrepute ignominy infamy opprobrium shame

3. dishonour (Verb) Brit, Cdn

58 synonyms
abase abuse affront assault attaint belittle besmirch blaspheme blemish brand contaminate crash debase defame default defile deflower degrade desecrate deteriorate • • •
3 definitions

dishonour (Verb) — Bring shame or dishonour upon. ex. "he dishonoured his family by committing a serious crime"

dishonour (Verb) — Force (someone) to have sex against their will. ex. "The woman was dishonoured on her way home at night"

dishonour (Verb) — Refuse to accept. ex. "dishonour checks and drafts"

9 types of
assail assault attack decline pass up refuse reject set on turn down
5 types
befoul defile foul gang-rape maculate