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ddisddain, didsain, diisdaiin, disdaain, disdai, disdaim, disdainn, disdani, disdian, dissdain, dizdain, isdain

Disdain — synonyms, definition

1. disdain (Noun)

29 synonyms
abhorrence affront airs arrogance audacity compliance condescension contempt contumely derision despite disregard disrespect haughtiness indifference insolence insult loathing loftiness neglect • • •
2 definitions

disdain (Noun) — Lack of respect accompanied by a feeling of intense dislike. ex. "he was held in disdain"

disdain (Noun) — A communication that indicates lack of respect by patronizing the recipient.

4 types of
depreciation derogation dislike disparagement

2. disdain (Verb)

29 synonyms
abash condemn condescend contemn descend despise disregard freeze off humble oneself humiliate ignore insult leave out lower oneself miss mortify neglect omit overlook pooh-pooh • • •
2 definitions

disdain (Verb) — Look down on with disdain. ex. "He disdains the people he has to work for"

disdain (Verb) — Refuse with contempt. ex. "She disdained his advances"

4 types of
decline detest hate refuse
5 types
look down on rebuff repel snub stiff