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ddeteriorate, deeteerioratee, deteriiorate, deterioorate, deterioraate, deteriorat, deteroirate, deterriorrate, detterioratte, eteriorate

Deteriorate — synonyms, deteriorate antonyms, definition

1. deteriorate (Verb)

63 synonyms
abase abrade adulterate age canker cease collapse corrode crumble cut down dash debase debauch decay decline decrease degenerate degrade demean deprave • • •
1 antonym
2 definitions

deteriorate (Verb) — Become worse or disintegrate. ex. "His mind deteriorated"

deteriorate (Verb) — Grow worse. ex. "Her condition deteriorated"

5 types of
crumble decay decline dilapidate worsen
16 types
fade fatigue go to pot go to the dogs jade languish pall rot tire waste wear wear down wear off wear out wear thin weary