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ddisapproving, diisapproviing, disaapproving, disapppproving, disapprooving, disapprovimg, disapprovin, disapprovingg, disapprovinng, disapprovnig, disapprovving, disapprroving, disaproving, dissapproving, dizapproving, isapproving

Disapproving — synonyms, disapproving antonyms, definition

1. disapproving (a)

9 synonyms
annoyed contradictory cool disenchanted negative not affirmative offended opposing upset

2. disapproving (Adjective)

1 definition

disapproving (Adjective) — Expressing or manifesting disapproval. ex. "It had that weird, disapproving grandmother feel to it"

3. disapproving (Verb)

1 synonym
1 antonym
2 definitions

disapproving (Verb) — Consider bad or wrong.

disapproving (Verb) — Deem wrong or inappropriate. ex. "I disapprove of her child rearing methods"

3 types of
evaluating judging passing judgment
7 types
deprecating deterring discountenancing discouraging frowning on frowning upon objecting