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ddisapprobation, diisapprobatiion, disaapprobaation, disapppprobation, disapprobatio, disapprobatiom, disapprobationn, disapprobatoin, disapprobattion, disapprobbation, disapproobatioon, disapprrobation, disaprobation, dissapprobation, dizapprobation, isapprobation

Disapprobation — synonyms, disapprobation antonyms, definition

1. disapprobation (Noun)

19 synonyms
abuse admonition animadversion baseness blot censure condemnation contempt criticism disapproval disgrace disrepute humiliation reflection remonstrance reprehension reproach slur stigma
1 antonym
1 definition

disapprobation (Noun) — An expression of strong disapproval; pronouncing as wrong or morally culpable. ex. "his uncompromising disapprobation of racism"

1 type of
4 types
animadversion censure demonisation demonization