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ddispersion, diispersiion, dispeersion, disperrsion, dispersio, dispersiom, dispersionn, dispersioon, dispersoin, disppersion, dissperssion, dizperzion, ispersion

Dispersion — synonyms, definition

1. dispersion (Noun)

16 synonyms
allotment allotting apportionment circulation defeat delivery demolition diffusion dispersal dissemination distribution overthrow rout ruin scattering transmission
3 definitions

dispersion (Noun) — Spreading widely or driving off.

dispersion (Noun) — The spatial or geographic property of being scattered about over a range, area, or volume. ex. "worldwide in dispersion"

dispersion (Noun) — The act of dispersing or diffusing something. ex. "the dispersion of the troops"

4 types of
spacing spatial arrangement spread spreading
11 types
complementary distribution complementation crop-dusting diaspora diffusion dissemination dissipation innervation scatter spraying spread