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ddisappear, diisappear, disaappeaar, disapear, disappaer, disappea, disappearr, disappeear, disappppear, dissappear, dizappear, isappear

Disappear — synonyms, disappear antonyms, definition

1. disappear (Verb)

30 synonyms
cease culminate decay decline deteriorate die disband discontinue disperse dissolve dive end evaporate fade fail fall flag go away halt lessen • • •
1 antonym
4 definitions

disappear (Verb) — Get lost, as without warning or explanation. ex. "He disappeared without a trace"

disappear (Verb) — Become invisible or unnoticeable. ex. "The effect disappeared when day broke"

disappear (Verb) — Cease to exist. ex. "An entire civilization disappeared"

disappear (Verb) — Become less intense and fade away gradually. ex. "her resistance disappeared under his charm"

6 types of
cease end finish stop terminate weaken
23 types
absent blow over bob under clear dematerialise dematerialize desorb die die off die out evanesce fade fall fall away fall off fleet go pass pass off remove • • •