Similar Words
ddisappearing, diisappeariing, disaappeaaring, disapearing, disappaering, disappearimg, disappearin, disappearingg, disappearinng, disappearnig, disappearring, disappeearing, disappppearing, dissappearing, dizappearing, isappearing

Disappearing — synonyms, disappearing antonyms, definition

1. disappearing (o)

4 synonyms
away off removing vanishing

2. disappearing (a)

10 synonyms
crossing decaying declining departing disintegrating dying ebbing fading passing vanishing

3. disappearing (Noun)

1 synonym
1 definition

disappearing (Noun) — The act of leaving secretly or without explanation.

4 types of
departure going going away leaving
1 type

4. disappearing (Verb)

3 synonyms
evaporating going away melting
1 antonym
4 definitions

disappearing (Verb) — Get lost, as without warning or explanation. ex. "He disappeared without a trace"

disappearing (Verb) — Become invisible or unnoticeable. ex. "The effect disappeared when day broke"

disappearing (Verb) — Cease to exist. ex. "An entire civilization disappeared"

disappearing (Verb) — Become less intense and fade away gradually. ex. "her resistance disappeared under his charm"

6 types of
ceasing ending finishing stopping terminating weakening
23 types
absenting blowing over bobbing under clearing dematerialising dematerializing desorbing dying dying off dying out evanescing fading falling falling away falling off fleeting going passing passing off removing • • •