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ddisperse, diisperse, dispeersee, disperrse, dispers, dispperse, disspersse, dizperze, isperse

Disperse — synonyms, definition

1. disperse (Verb)

69 synonyms
adjourn analyse atomise atomize break down break up broadcast cast circularise circularize circulate clear communicate diffuse disappear disband discontinue disintegrate dismiss disorder • • •
6 definitions

disperse (Verb) — Distribute loosely. ex. "He dispersed gun powder under the wagon"

disperse (Verb) — Cause to separate and go in different directions. ex. "She waved her hand and dispersed the crowds"

disperse (Verb) — Make a single entity or group split or become diffuse. ex. "disperse particles"

disperse (Verb) — Move away from each other. ex. "The crowds dispersed"

disperse (Verb) — Separate (light) into spectral rays. ex. "the prism disperses light"

disperse (Verb) — Cause to become widely known. ex. "disperse a rumour"

10 types of
air bare change integrity discharge divide part publicise publicize separate split
25 types
aerosolise aerosolize backscatter bespangle break carry disband generalise generalize plash podcast popularise popularize run sow spatter splash splatter splosh spray • • •