Similar Words
eexpulsion, exppulsion, expullsion, expulsiion, expulsio, expulsiom, expulsionn, expulsioon, expulsoin, expulssion, expulzion, expuulsion, exxpulsion, xpulsion

Expulsion — synonyms, definition

1. expulsion (Noun)

29 synonyms
banishment deposition discharge dismissal displacement disposal ejection elimination eradication evacuation exclusion exile extermination extrusion firing flow forcing out liquidation ostracism persecution • • •
3 definitions

expulsion (Noun) — The act of forcing out someone or something. ex. "the child's expulsion from school"

expulsion (Noun) — Squeezing out by applying pressure. ex. "the expulsion of pus from the pimple"

expulsion (Noun) — The act of expelling, projecting or ejecting.

6 types of
actuation banishment propulsion proscription squeeze squeezing
22 types
barring belch belching blackball burp burping coughing up defenestration deportation disgorgement emesis eructation expectoration ostracism ouster ousting puking regurgitation spit spitting • • •