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ddisposal, diisposal, disopsal, dispoosal, disposa, disposaal, disposall, dispposal, disspossal, dizpozal, isposal

Disposal — synonyms, definition

1. disposal (Noun)

48 synonyms
action adjustment administration arrangement auction bankruptcy sale bargain classification conclusion consecution consignment control determination direction dispatch disposition distribution dumping electric pig eradication • • •
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disposal (Noun) — The power to use something or someone. ex. "used all the resources at his disposal"

disposal (Noun) — A method of tending to or managing the affairs of some group of people (especially the group's business affairs).

disposal (Noun) — The act or means of getting rid of something.

disposal (Noun) — A device installed under a kitchen sink to grind and liquefy food waste so that it can go down the drain.

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act deed direction human action human activity kitchen appliance management power powerfulness
14 types
abandonment appointment comb-out conducting giving lending line management loaning mine disposal organisation organization polity running sewage disposal
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business business enterprise commercial enterprise