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eelimination, eliimiinatiion, eliimnation, elimimatiom, eliminaation, eliminatio, eliminatioon, eliminatoin, eliminattion, eliminnationn, elimmination, elimniation, elinination, ellimination, elmiination, limination

Elimination — synonyms, definition

1. elimination (Noun)

22 synonyms
breach cancellation dismissal disqualification eradication evacuation excreting excretion expulsion liquidation omission preclusion prohibition reasoning by elimination rejection removal repudiating repudiation riddance slighting • • •
5 definitions

elimination (Noun) — The act of removing or getting rid of something.

elimination (Noun) — The bodily process of discharging waste matter.

elimination (Noun) — Analysis of a problem into alternative possibilities followed by the systematic rejection of unacceptable alternatives.

elimination (Noun) — The act of removing an unknown mathematical quantity by combining equations.

elimination (Noun) — The murder of a competitor.

10 types of
analysis analytic thinking discharge emission execution expelling murder remotion removal slaying
8 types
defecation incontinence incontinency laxation micturition shitting simplification urination