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eexpeel, expe, expell, exppel, exxpel, xpel

Expel — synonyms, definition

1. expel (Verb)

58 synonyms
abolish ban banish boot out break cancel cashier cast out chuck decline deport disband discard discharge dislodge dismiss displace dispossess distil do away with • • •
4 definitions

expel (Verb) — Force to leave or move out. ex. "He was expelled from his native country"

expel (Verb) — Remove from a position or office. ex. "The chairman was expelled after he misappropriated funds"

expel (Verb) — Cause to flee.

expel (Verb) — Eliminate (a substance). ex. "combustion products are expelled in the engine"

6 types of
defeat displace get the better of move overcome remove
51 type
abort ban banish bar blackball bleed blow boot out breathe cast out chuck out cough out cough up debar deliver deport depose egest ejaculate eject • • •