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eejeection, ejecction, ejectiion, ejectio, ejectiom, ejectionn, ejectioon, ejectoin, ejecttion, ejektion, ejjection, jection

Ejection — synonyms, definition

1. ejection (Noun)

14 synonyms
cast discharge evacuation exclusion expulsion fling flow forcing out projection remission removal riddance throw toss
2 definitions

ejection (Noun) — The act of expelling, projecting or ejecting.

ejection (Noun) — The act of forcing out someone or something. ex. "the ejection of troublemakers by the police"

4 types of
actuation banishment propulsion proscription
22 types
barring belch belching blackball burp burping coughing up defenestration deportation disgorgement emesis eructation expectoration ostracism ouster ousting puking regurgitation spit spitting • • •