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ddischarge, diischarge, disccharge, dischaarge, discharg, dischargee, dischargge, discharrge, dischharge, dishcarge, diskharge, disscharge, dizcharge, ischarge

Discharge — synonyms, discharge antonyms, definition

1. discharge (Noun)

75 synonyms
absolution acquittal amnesty arc blast boom burst chuck climax copulation crack deliverance detonation dismissal dismission ejaculation ejection electric arc electric discharge emanation • • •
9 definitions

discharge (Noun) — The sudden giving off of energy.

discharge (Noun) — The act of venting.

discharge (Noun) — A substance that is emitted or released.

discharge (Noun) — Any of several bodily processes by which substances go out of the body. ex. "the discharge of pus"

discharge (Noun) — Electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field.

discharge (Noun) — The pouring forth of a fluid.

discharge (Noun) — The termination of someone's employment (leaving them free to depart).

discharge (Noun) — A formal written statement of relinquishment.

discharge (Noun) — The act of discharging a gun.

22 types of
activity bodily function bodily process body process conclusion electrical conduction emanation emission ending flow flowing happening material natural event occurrence occurrent relinquishing relinquishment shooting shot • • •
58 types
Menses Menstruation Rheum Saint Elmo's fire Saint Elmo's light Saint Ulmo's fire Saint Ulmo's light Section Eight St. Elmo's fire blowup brush discharge catamenia conge congee corona corona discharge corposant deactivation detonation dishonorable discharge • • •

2. discharge (Verb)

190 synonyms
absolve accomplish achieve acquit adopt air answer appropriate assoil assume banish barrage be sufficient beam blast blow up bombard break bring forth burst • • •
2 antonyms
charge enlist
12 definitions

discharge (Verb) — Carry out, fulfil. ex. "discharge one's duties"

discharge (Verb) — Pour forth or release. ex. "discharge liquids"

discharge (Verb) — Release from obligations or duties.

discharge (Verb) — Remove the charge from.

discharge (Verb) — Go off or discharge. ex. "The gun discharged"

discharge (Verb) — Pronounce not guilty of criminal charges. ex. "The suspect was discharged of the murder charges"

discharge (Verb) — Eliminate (a substance). ex. "combustion products are discharged in the engine"

discharge (Verb) — Leave at a destination; remove from a transport container.

discharge (Verb) — Cause to go off. ex. "discharge a gun"

discharge (Verb) — Release from military service.

discharge (Verb) — Become empty or void of its content.

discharge (Verb) — (medicine) allow a patient to leave hospital.

23 types of
accomplish action carry out carry through change state deliver distribute execute fulfil fulfill judge label let go let go of pronounce release relinquish remove spread take • • •
66 types
abort air-drop blast bleed blow breathe cannon cashier clear cough out cough up cut deactivate demob demobilise demobilize disembroil disentangle disinvest disinvolve • • •

3. discharge (US)

3 synonyms
effluvium emanation exhaust