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ddigest, digeest, diges, digesst, digestt, digets, digezt, diggest, diigest, igest

Digest — synonyms, definition

1. digest (Noun)

41 synonym
abbreviation abridgement abridgment abstract abstraction account announcement brief broadcast bulletin compendium compilation condensation conspectus contraction epitome gazette gist interpretation journal • • •
2 definitions

digest (Noun) — A periodical that summarizes the news.

digest (Noun) — Something that is compiled (as into a single book or file).

3 types of
collection compendium periodical

2. digest (Verb)

52 synonyms
abbreviate abide abridge absorb abstract analyse arrange assimilate bear brook codify cognise compress concentrate concoct condense consume contemplate contract contrive • • •
8 definitions

digest (Verb) — Convert food into absorbable substances. ex. "I cannot digest milk products"

digest (Verb) — Arrange and integrate in the mind. ex. "I cannot digest all this information"

digest (Verb) — Put up with something or somebody unpleasant. ex. "The new secretary had to digest a lot of unprofessional remarks"

digest (Verb) — Become assimilated into the body. ex. "Protein digests in a few hours"

digest (Verb) — Systematize, as by classifying and summarizing. ex. "the government digested the entire law into a code"

digest (Verb) — Soften or disintegrate, as by undergoing exposure to heat or moisture.

digest (Verb) — Make more concise. ex. "digest the contents of a book into a summary"

digest (Verb) — Soften or disintegrate by means of chemical action, heat, or moisture.

30 types of
abbreviate abridge allow apprehend break down break up change compass comprehend contract countenance cut decompose dig disintegrate foreshorten get the picture grasp grok let • • •
17 types
accept bear up capsule capsulise capsulize encapsulate hold still for live with pay predigest sit out stand for stomach swallow take a joke take lying down telescope