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bbroadcast, braodcast, broaadcaast, broadcas, broadcasst, broadcastt, broadcats, broadcazt, broadccast, broaddcast, broadkast, brooadcast, brroadcast, roadcast

Broadcast — synonyms, definition

1. broadcast (Noun)

17 synonyms
account announcement digest disclosure dissemination narration program programme promulgation pronouncement publication release report revelation show summary telecast
2 definitions

broadcast (Noun) — Message that is transmitted by radio or television.

broadcast (Noun) — A radio or television show. ex. "did you see his broadcast last night?"

2 types of
message show
24 types
TV program TV show chat show episode game show giveaway installment instalment news news program news programme news show newscast radio broadcast rebroadcast rerun serial series simulcast sustaining program • • •

2. broadcast (Verb)

58 synonyms
advertise aim air alarm announce beam bear blare blazon boast brag circularise circularize circulate communicate declare demonstrate diffuse disburse dispel • • •
3 definitions

broadcast (Verb) — (broadcast medium) broadcast over the airwaves, as in radio or television. ex. "We cannot broadcast this X-rated song"

broadcast (Verb) — (farming) sow over a wide area, especially by hand. ex. "broadcast seeds"

broadcast (Verb) — Cause to become widely known. ex. "broadcast the news"

6 types of
air bare publicise publicize seed sow
17 types
carry generalise generalize interrogate podcast popularise popularize rebroadcast rerun run satellite sow sportscast telecast televise vulgarise vulgarize