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aabridge, abbridge, abriddge, abridg, abridgee, abridgge, abriidge, abrridge, bridge

Abridge — synonyms, definition

1. abridge (Verb)

48 synonyms
abate abbreviate abstract alter attenuate bob brief censor check circumscribe clip compress condense confine contract crop curb curtail cut decrease • • •
2 definitions

abridge (Verb) — Reduce in scope while retaining essential elements. ex. "The manuscript must be abridged"

abridge (Verb) — Lessen, diminish, or curtail. ex. "the new law might abridge our freedom of expression"

7 types of
curb curtail cut back decrease lessen minify restrict
10 types
bowdlerise bowdlerize castrate concentrate condense digest distil distill expurgate shorten