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aarraange, arange, arramge, arrang, arrangee, arrangge, arrannge, arrrrange, rrange

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1. arrange (Verb)

172 synonyms
Format accomplish accord accumulate achieve adapt adjust agree agree on align alphabetise alphabetize amass appoint apportion array articulate associate assort balance • • •
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arrange (Verb) — Put into a proper or systematic order. ex. "arrange the books on the shelves in chronological order"

arrange (Verb) — Make arrangements for. ex. "Can you arrange a meeting with the President?"

arrange (Verb) — Plan, organize, and carry out (an event). ex. "the neighbouring tribe arranged an invasion"

arrange (Verb) — Set (printed matter) into a specific format. ex. "arrange this letter so it can be printed out"

arrange (Verb) — Style or arrange hair attractively. ex. "arrange my hair for the wedding"

arrange (Verb) — (music) adapt for performance in a different way. ex. "arrange this poem to music"

arrange (Verb) — Organize thoughts, ideas, or temporal events. ex. "arrange my schedule"

19 types of
agree change compose concord concur groom hold initiate lay neaten organise organize pioneer place pose position put set write
72 types
alphabetise alphabetize array bob bundle cascade catenate catenulate chain compact concord contemporise contemporize coordinate corral decorate distribute dogfight drape draw • • •