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cconsume, comsume, connsume, conssume, consum, consumee, consumme, consune, consuume, conzume, coonsume, konsume, onsume

Consume — synonyms, consume antonyms, definition

1. consume (Verb)

92 synonyms
Ware absorb apply assimilate atomise atomize blow burn burn up burn without visible flame cease close complete conclude consume food corrode cushion dash demolish deplete • • •
1 antonym
6 definitions

consume (Verb) — Use (resources or materials) over time in order to function. ex. "this car consumes a lot of gas"

consume (Verb) — Eat immoderately. ex. "Some people can consume a pound of meat in the course of one meal"

consume (Verb) — Eat, esp. normally or regularly. ex. "I don't consume sugar in my coffee"

consume (Verb) — Spend extravagantly. ex. "consume not, want not"

consume (Verb) — Destroy completely. ex. "The fire consumed the building"

consume (Verb) — Engage fully. ex. "The effort to pass the exam consumed all his energy"

12 types of
absorb destroy drop eat engage engross expend occupy ruin spend spifflicate spiflicate
59 types
booze burn burn off burn up cannibalise cannibalize dissipate do drugs drain drink drug eat exhaust feed fill fool fool away fritter fritter away frivol away • • •