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aabbreviaate, abbbbreviate, abbreeviatee, abbrevaite, abbreviat, abbreviatte, abbreviiate, abbrevviate, abbrreviate, abreviate, bbreviate

Abbreviate — synonyms, definition

1. abbreviate (Verb)

32 synonyms
abridge abstract alter bob break brief clip condense contract crop curtail cut digest disrupt distil edit end epitomise epitomize foreshorten • • •
2 definitions

abbreviate (Verb) — Reduce in scope while retaining essential elements. ex. "The manuscript must be abbreviated"

abbreviate (Verb) — Shorten. ex. "Abbreviate 'New York' and write 'NY'"

4 types of
decrease lessen minify reduce
10 types
bowdlerise bowdlerize castrate concentrate condense digest distil distill expurgate shorten