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eejeect, ejec, ejecct, ejectt, ejekt, ejject, ject

Eject — synonyms, definition

1. eject (Verb)

80 synonyms
bail out banish beam boot boot out bounce buck buck off cast cast out catapult chase chuck chuck out decline deport disband discard discharge dislodge • • •
3 definitions

eject (Verb) — Put out or expel from a place. ex. "The unruly student was ejected from the game"

eject (Verb) — Eliminate (a substance). ex. "combustion products are ejected in the engine"

eject (Verb) — Leave an aircraft rapidly, using an ejection seat or capsule.

7 types of
exit expel get out go out kick out leave throw out
32 types
abort bleed blow bounce breathe cough out cough up egest ejaculate eliminate emit eruct evict excrete exorcise exorcize expectorate fester force out haemorrhage • • •