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ccrumble, crrumble, crumbble, crumbl, crumblee, crumblle, crummble, crunble, cruumble, krumble, rumble

Crumble — synonyms, definition

1. crumble (Verb)

33 synonyms
break break down break up canker collapse crumple crunch crush decay decompose degenerate deteriorate die dilapidate disintegrate dispel dissolve end expire fall apart • • •
3 definitions

crumble (Verb) — Fall apart. ex. "the building crumbled after the explosion"

crumble (Verb) — Break or fall apart into fragments. ex. "The cookies crumbled" ex. "The Sphinx is crumbling"

crumble (Verb) — Fall into decay or ruin. ex. "The unoccupied house started to crumble"

3 types of
change change integrity disintegrate
17 types
break bust corrode deteriorate droop eat at erode fall apart gnaw gnaw at ruin rust wear wear away wear out weather wilt
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2. crumble (Noun)

1 definition

crumble (Noun) — A baked fruit pudding topped with a crumbly mixture of flour and fat (and possibly other things, e.g. oats).