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eexeecutivee, execcutive, executiive, executiv, executivve, executtive, execuutive, exekutive, exxecutive, xecutive

Executive — synonyms, definition

1. executive (a)

3 synonyms
governing managing ruling

2. executive (Noun)

17 synonyms
administrator businessman capitalist comptroller contractor director entrepreneur exec executive director financier leader manager officer official operator producer supervisor
3 definitions

executive (Noun) — A person responsible for the administration of a business.

executive (Noun) — A person who administers the law.

executive (Noun) — Someone who manages a government agency or department.

12 types of
administration administrator brass chief decision maker establishment governance governing body head organisation organization top dog
25 types
Bush administration Carter administration Clinton administration DCI Director of Central Intelligence Peter Stuyvesant Petrus Stuyvesant Raffles Reagan administration Secretary General Sir Thomas Raffles Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles Stuyvesant Surgeon General V.P. business executive commissioner corporate executive government minister minister • • •
3 parts of
authorities government regime

3. executive (Adjective)

1 definition

executive (Adjective) — Having the function of carrying out plans or orders etc.. ex. "the executive branch"