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aadministraator, addministrator, adimnistrator, admiiniistrator, admiinstrator, admimistrator, adminisstrator, administrato, administratoor, administrratorr, administtrattor, adminitsrator, adminiztrator, adminnistrator, admministrator, admniistrator, adninistrator, dministrator

Administrator — synonyms, definition

1. administrator (Noun)

59 synonyms
adjudicator adviser arbiter authority bureaucrat capitalist captain chief chieftain commander commander in chief commissioner conductor connoisseur contractor critic dean decision maker deputy diplomat • • •
4 definitions

administrator (Noun) — Someone who administers a business.

administrator (Noun) — The party appointed by a probate court to distribute the estate of someone who dies without a will or without naming an executor.

administrator (Noun) — Someone who manages a government agency or department.

administrator (Noun) — Someone one who is responsible for maintenance of a computer or network.

4 types of
chief fiduciary head top dog
28 types
DCI Director of Central Intelligence Peter Stuyvesant Petrus Stuyvesant Raffles Secretary General Sir Thomas Raffles Sir Thomas Stamford Raffles Stuyvesant academic administrator commissioner director exec executive executive director hosteler hosteller hotel manager hotelier hotelkeeper • • •

2. administrator (US)

6 synonyms
captain chairman facilitator leader monitor principal