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ddrown, droown, drow, drowm, drownn, drowwn, drrown, rown

Drown — synonyms, definition

1. drown (Verb)

31 synonym
asphyxiate baptise baptize bathe deluge dip douse drench duck dunk engulf flood hose immerse inundate overflow overrun overwhelm plunge saturate • • •
5 definitions

drown (Verb) — Cover completely or make imperceptible. ex. "I was drowned in work" ex. "The noise drowned out her speech"

drown (Verb) — Get rid of as if by submerging. ex. "She drowned her trouble in alcohol"

drown (Verb) — Die from being submerged in water, getting water into the lungs, and asphyxiating. ex. "The child drowned in the lake"

drown (Verb) — Kill by submerging in water. ex. "He drowned the kittens"

drown (Verb) — Be covered with or submerged in a liquid. ex. "the meat was drowning in a fatty gravy"

27 types of
be buy the farm cash in one's chips choke conk cover croak decease die do away with drop dead eliminate exit expire extinguish get rid of give-up the ghost go kick the bucket kill • • •
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drown out