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eexpiree, expiire, expir, expirre, exppire, exxpire, xpire

Expire — synonyms, definition

1. expire (Verb)

37 synonyms
break down breathe out buy the farm cash in cash in one's chips cease choke conclude conk croak crumble decease depart die disintegrate dispel dissolve drop dead end exhale • • •
3 definitions

expire (Verb) — Lose validity. ex. "My passports expired last month"

expire (Verb) — Pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life.

expire (Verb) — Expel air. ex. "expire when you lift the weight"

7 types of
breathe change state discontinue respire suspire take a breath turn
15 types
abort asphyxiate blow buy it drown fall famish pip out predecease snort starve stifle succumb suffocate yield