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ddie, dei, di, diee, diie, ie

Die — synonyms, die antonyms, definition

1. die (Noun)

20 synonyms
block cash in cast cavity cube decease depart dice game gewgaw go matrix model mould pattern plaything pretty shape stamp toy
3 definitions

die (Noun) — A small cube with 1 to 6 spots on the six faces; used in gambling to generate random numbers.

die (Noun) — A device used for shaping metal.

die (Noun) — A cutting tool that is fitted into a diestock and used for cutting male (external) screw threads on screws, bolts, pipes or rods.

6 types of
cube cutlery cutter cutting tool shaping tool square block
8 types
five five-spot four four-spot one-spot six six-spot stamp

2. die (Verb)

62 synonyms
become flat break break down buy the farm cash in cash in one's chips cease cheapen choke conk conk out crap out croak crumble decay decease decline degenerate depart deteriorate • • •
1 antonym
be born
11 definitions

die (Verb) — Pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life. ex. "She died from cancer"

die (Verb) — Suffer or face the pain of death. ex. "Martyrs may die every day for their faith"

die (Verb) — Be brought to or as if to the point of death by an intense emotion such as embarrassment, amusement, or shame. ex. "I was dying with embarrassment when my little lie was discovered" ex. "We almost died laughing during the show"

die (Verb) — Stop operating or functioning. ex. "The car died on the road"

die (Verb) — Feel indifferent towards. ex. "She died to worldly things and eventually entered a monastery"

die (Verb) — Languish as with love or desire. ex. "She dying for a cigarette" ex. "I was dying to leave"

die (Verb) — Cut or shape with a die. ex. "Die out leather for belts"

die (Verb) — (baseball) to be on base at the end of an inning, of a player.

die (Verb) — Lose sparkle or bouquet.

die (Verb) — Disappear or come to an end. ex. "Their anger died" ex. "My secret will die with me!"

die (Verb) — (religion) suffer spiritual death; be damned (in the religious sense). ex. "Whosoever..believes in me shall never die"

21 type of
ache break down change change state cut out disappear endure experience exscind feel go away languish lose it pine play snap suffer turn vanish yearn • • •
21 type
abort asphyxiate blow blow out burn out buy it crash drown fall famish go down malfunction misfire misfunction pip out predecease starve stifle succumb suffocate • • •
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die down die out