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eexit, exi, exiit, exitt, exxit, xit

Exit — synonyms, exit antonyms, definition

1. exit (Noun)

23 synonyms
departure door egress escape expiration fire escape going hatch interchange issue leave-taking leaving loss opening outlet passing refuge release resource retreat • • •
3 definitions

exit (Noun) — An opening that permits escape or release.

exit (Noun) — A euphemistic expression for death. ex. "thousands mourned his exit"

exit (Noun) — The act of going out.

8 types of
death decease departure expiry going going away leaving opening
1 type

2. exit (Verb)

28 synonyms
buy the farm cash in one's chips choke come forth come out conk croak decease die drop dead emerge expire get out give-up the ghost go go out gush issue kick the bucket leave • • •
1 antonym
3 definitions

exit (Verb) — Move out of or depart from. ex. "exit the room"

exit (Verb) — (card game) lose the lead.

exit (Verb) — Pass from physical life and lose all bodily attributes and functions necessary to sustain life.

4 types of
change state move play turn
26 types
abort asphyxiate buy it depart drown eject fall fall out famish file out get off go go away hop out log off log out pip out pop out predecease starve • • •