Similar Words
ddisheartenedd, diisheartened, dishaertened, disheaartened, dishearrtened, disheartemed, disheartene, disheartenned, dishearttened, disheearteeneed, dishheartened, dissheartened, dizheartened, isheartened

Disheartened — synonyms, disheartened antonyms, definition

1. disheartened (a)

20 synonyms
blue broken dejected demoralised demoralized depressed despondent discouraged dispirited down downcast downhearted gloomy melancholy miserable pitiable pitiful rueful sad wretched

2. disheartened (Noun)

6 synonyms
blue dejected depressed discouraged dispirited down

3. disheartened (Adjective)

1 definition

disheartened (Adjective) — Made less hopeful or enthusiastic. ex. "the disheartened instructor tried vainly to arouse their interest"

4. disheartened (Verb)

1 synonym
put off
1 antonym
1 definition

disheartened (Verb) — Take away the enthusiasm of. ex. "But what was there to dishearten the spirit?"

2 types of
discouraged frustrated