Similar Words
ddiscreddit, diiscrediit, disccredit, discredi, discreditt, discreedit, discrredit, diskredit, disscredit, dizcredit, iscredit

Discredit — synonyms, definition

1. discredit (a)

2 synonyms
dishonour obloquy

2. discredit (Noun)

10 synonyms
aspersion censure dishonour disrepute ignominy imputation infamy reflection scandal shame
1 definition

discredit (Noun) — The state of being held in low esteem. ex. "your actions will bring discredit to your name"

2 types of
dishonor dishonour
1 type

3. discredit (Verb)

62 synonyms
asperse assail belie besmirch brand calumniate compromise confute contradict counter debunk decrease decry defame deflate demystify denigrate denounce deny depreciate • • •
3 definitions

discredit (Verb) — Cause to be distrusted or disbelieved. ex. "The paper discredited the politician with its nasty commentary"

discredit (Verb) — Damage the reputation of. ex. "This newspaper story discredits the politicians"

discredit (Verb) — Reject as false; refuse to accept.

11 types of
belittle brush aside brush off discount dismiss disparage disregard ignore pick at push aside reject
4 types
distrust doubt mistrust suspect