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ddiscordd, diiscord, disccord, discoord, discor, discorrd, diskord, disscord, dizcord, iscord

Discord — synonyms, definition

1. discord (Noun)

62 synonyms
ado agitation alienation anarchism antipathy antithesis battle blare brawl break bustle cacophony chaos clash collision combat competition conflict contention contrariety • • •
4 definitions

discord (Noun) — Lack of agreement or harmony.

discord (Noun) — Disagreement among those expected to cooperate.

discord (Noun) — A harsh mixture of sounds.

discord (Noun) — Strife resulting from a lack of agreement.

4 types of
disagreement disorder dissonance strife
3 types
confrontation division variance

2. discord (US)

8 synonyms
clamor commotion complaint exclamation outcry remonstrance shouting vociferation

3. discord (Verb)

2 synonyms
disaccord disagree
1 definition

discord (Verb) — Be different from one another.

1 type of