Similar Words
ddiscarddedd, diiscarded, discaarded, discarde, discardeed, discarrded, disccarded, diskarded, disscarded, dizcarded, iscarded

Discarded — synonyms, definition

1. discarded (a)

5 synonyms
abandoned cast off dismissed done with forsaken

2. discarded (Adjective)

3 synonyms
cast-off throwaway thrown-away
1 definition

discarded (Adjective) — Thrown away. ex. "wearing someone's discarded clothes"

3. discarded (Verb)

12 synonyms
cast aside cast away cast out chucked out disposed flung put away threw away threw out tossed tossed away tossed out
1 definition

discarded (Verb) — Throw or cast away. ex. "discard your worries"

2 types of
got rid of removed
17 types
abandoned closed out de-accessed deep-sixed dumped gave it the deep six jettisoned junked liquidised liquidized retired scrapped sold out sold up trashed unlearned wasted