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phold, ufold, uphhold, uphol, upholdd, upholld, uphoold, upphold, uuphold

Uphold — synonyms, definition

1. uphold (Verb)

80 synonyms
abet acknowledge adopt advance advantage advocate aid applaud approve assert assist back bear bear on bear up befriend bolster brace buoy buttress • • •
3 definitions

uphold (Verb) — Keep or maintain in unaltered condition; cause to remain or last. ex. "uphold the family tradition"

uphold (Verb) — Stand up for; stick up for; of causes, principles, or ideals.

uphold (Verb) — Support against an opponent. ex. "The appellate court upheld the verdict"

8 types of
confirm defend fend for hold keep maintain reassert support
15 types
hang in hang on hold on justify keep up mummify perpetuate persevere persist prolong re-start restart resume sustain vindicate