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a?ert, aassert, asert, asseert, asser, asserrt, assertt, assssert, azzert, ssert

Assert — synonyms, definition

1. assert (Verb)

87 synonyms
advance advertise advocate affirm air allege answer apologise apologize argue ask for asseverate assume attest aver avow back blazon certify challenge • • •
4 definitions

assert (Verb) — State categorically.

assert (Verb) — To declare or affirm solemnly and formally as true. ex. "Before God I assert I am innocent"

assert (Verb) — Insist on having one's opinions and rights recognized. ex. "Women should assert themselves more!"

assert (Verb) — Assert to be true. ex. "The letter asserts a free society"

13 types of
acquit bear behave carry comport conduct declare deport insist posit postulate pronounce take a firm stand
13 types
allege assure attest aver claim declare hold predicate proclaim protest say take tell