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ddefendd, deefeend, defemd, defen, defennd, deffend, dephend, efend

Defend — synonyms, defend antonyms, definition

1. defend (Verb)

76 synonyms
absolve account acquit adopt advance advocate aid apologise apologize assert assure avert back bear up befriend bulwark cater champion claim cloak • • •
2 antonyms
attack prosecute
7 definitions

defend (Verb) — Argue or speak in defence of. ex. "She defended the motion to strike"

defend (Verb) — Be on the defensive; act against an attack.

defend (Verb) — Protect against a challenge or attack. ex. "defend that position behind the trees!"

defend (Verb) — Fight against or resist strongly. ex. "Don't defend it!"

defend (Verb) — Protect or fight for as a champion.

defend (Verb) — Be the defence counsel for someone in a trial. ex. "Ms. Smith will defend the defendant"

defend (Verb) — State or assert. ex. "He defended his innocence"

15 types of
affirm argue back contend endorse fight indorse keep plump for plunk for prevent protect reason struggle support
32 types
apologise apologize arrest bulwark check contain dispute drive back excuse fend fight off hold back hold out justify protect rationalise rationalize rebuff recalcitrate repel • • •