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Shit — synonyms, definition

1. shit (Adjective) vulgar

9 synonyms
crappy crummy icky lousy rotten rubbish shitty stinking stinky
1 definition

shit (Adjective) — Very bad. ex. "a shit play"

2. shit (Noun) vulgar

53 synonyms
Irish bull arsehole asshole bastard bull bullshit butthead cack cocksucker crap cunt damn darn dickhead diddley diddly diddly-shit diddly-squat diddlyshit diddlysquat • • •
6 definitions

shit (Noun) — Obscene term for faeces.

shit (Noun) — Obscene word for unacceptable behaviour. ex. "I put up with a lot of shit from that jerk"

shit (Noun) — A small worthless amount. ex. "you don't know shit"

shit (Noun) — A coarse term for defecation. ex. "he took a shit"

shit (Noun) — Insulting term of address for people who are stupid, irritating or ridiculous.

shit (Noun) — Something of little value.

40 types of
applesauce bm bullshit buncombe bunk bunkum cack codswallop crap defecation dejection disagreeable person faecal matter faeces falderal fecal matter feces flapdoodle folderol guff • • •

3. shit (Verb) vulgar

16 synonyms
betray ca-ca defecate denounce give away grass make rat shop snitch squeak stag stool take a crap take a shit tell on
2 definitions

shit (Verb) — Give away information about somebody.

shit (Verb) — Have a bowel movement. ex. "The dog had shit in the flower beds"

5 types of
egest eliminate excrete inform pass
4 types
Dung poo pooh sell out

4. shit (Interjection) vulgar

1 definition

shit (Interjection) — Exclamation of annoyance.