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Stinking — synonyms, definition

1. stinking (Adjective)

19 synonyms
crap crappy crummy fetid foetid foul foul-smelling funky icky ill-scented lousy noisome rotten rubbish shit shite shitty smelly stinky
2 definitions

stinking (Adjective) — Very bad. ex. "it's a stinking world"

stinking (Adjective) — Offensively malodorous.

2. stinking (Verb)

2 synonyms
humming reeking
2 definitions

stinking (Verb) — Be extremely bad in quality or in one's performance. ex. "This term paper stinks!"

stinking (Verb) — Smell badly and offensively. ex. "The building stinks of smoke"

2 types of
being smelling
1 see also
stink up