Dung — synonyms, definition

1. Dung (Noun)

3 synonyms
droppings muck scat
1 definition

Dung (Noun) — Faecal matter of animals.

8 types of
bm dejection faecal matter faeces fecal matter feces ordure stool
9 types
buffalo chip chip coprolite cow chip cow dung cow pie cowpat cowpie pigeon droppings

2. Dung (Verb)

2 definitions

Dung (Verb) — Fertilize or dress with dung. ex. "you must dung the land"

Dung (Verb) — Defecate; used of animals.

13 types of
ca-ca crap defecate enrich feed fertilise fertilize make poop shit stool take a crap take a shit