Poop — synonyms, definition

1. poop (Noun) N. Amer, vulgar

19 synonyms
after part cack crap dirt dope low-down nincompoop ning-nong ninny nong plonker quarter shit shite silly billy stern tail the skinny turd
4 definitions

poop (Noun) — Obscene term for faeces.

poop (Noun) — A stupid foolish person.

poop (Noun) — Slang term for inside information.

poop (Noun) — The rear part of a ship.

14 types of
back bm dejection details faecal matter faeces fecal matter feces inside information ordure rear simple simpleton stool
2 parts
escutcheon skeg
1 part of

2. poop (Verb) N. Amer, vulgar

6 synonyms
ca-ca defecate make stool take a crap take a shit
1 definition

poop (Verb) — Have a bowel movement. ex. "The dog had pooped in the flower beds"

4 types of
egest eliminate excrete pass
3 types
Dung poo pooh