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Labor — synonyms, definition

1. labor (Noun) US

32 synonyms
British Labour Party Department of Labor Labor Department Labour Party birth pang bourgeoisie childbearing childbed confinement delivery dol drive drudgery exertion labor movement labour labour movement lying-in moil parturiency • • •
7 definitions

labor (Noun) — A social class comprising those who do manual labour or work for wages. ex. "there is a shortage of skilled labor in this field"

labor (Noun) — Productive work (especially physical work done for wages). ex. "his labor did not require a great deal of skill"

labor (Noun) — Concluding state of pregnancy; from the onset of contractions to the birth of a child. ex. "she was in labor for six hours"

labor (Noun) — An organized attempt by workers to improve their status by united action (particularly via labour unions) or the leaders of this movement.

labor (Noun) — Any piece of work that is undertaken or attempted. ex. "he prepared for great labors"

labor (Noun) — A political party formed in Great Britain in 1900; characterized by the promotion of labour's interests and formerly the socialization of key industries.

labor (Noun) — The federal department responsible for promoting the working conditions of wage earners in the United States; created in 1913.

15 types of
Labor Party Labour Party birth birthing class executive department giving birth parturition party political party reform movement social class socio-economic class stratum work
67 types
I.W.W. IWW Industrial Workers of the World Manhattan Project Marathon New Labour adventure assignment baby breeze child's play cinch corvee dangerous undertaking donkeywork doss drudgery duck soup effort elbow grease • • •
35 parts
1st Earl Attlee Anthony Charles Lynton Blair Attlee Blair Callaghan Clement Attlee Clement Richard Attlee Gordon Brown Harold Wilson James Callaghan James Gordon Brown James Harold Wilson James Ramsay MacDonald Labourite Leonard James Callaghan MacDonald OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration Ramsay MacDonald Tony Blair • • •
3 parts of
gestation maternity pregnancy

2. labor (Verb) US

13 synonyms
be burdened be distressed be troubled cultivate dig drudge fag grind push strive sweat toil tug
3 definitions

labor (Verb) — Strive and make an effort to reach a goal. ex. "She labored for years to make a decent living"

labor (Verb) — Work hard. ex. "Lexicographers labor all day long"

labor (Verb) — Undergo the efforts of childbirth.

7 types of
do work experience fight have struggle undergo work
3 types
reach strain strive

3. labor (US) US

2 synonyms
elaborate overdo