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sstruggle, strruggle, struggggle, struggl, strugglee, strugglle, strugle, struuggle, sttruggle, truggle, tsruggle, ztruggle

Struggle — synonyms, definition

1. struggle (Noun)

42 synonyms
attack attempt battle clash collision combat competition conflict contention contest discord disharmony dissension effort encounter endeavor endeavour enterprise essay exertion • • •
3 definitions

struggle (Noun) — An energetic attempt to achieve something. ex. "getting through the crowd was a real struggle"

struggle (Noun) — An open clash between two opposing groups (or individuals). ex. "the harder the struggle the more glorious the triumph"

struggle (Noun) — Strenuous effort. ex. "the struggle to get through the crowd exhausted her"

10 types of
attempt effort elbow grease endeavor endeavour exertion group action sweat travail try
30 types
class struggle class war class warfare combat counterinsurgency duel feud fight fighting grapple grappling hand-to-hand struggle insurrection joust pacification rebellion revolt rising scramble scrap • • •

2. struggle (Verb)

62 synonyms
aim altercate argue attack attempt battle beef bicker brawl clamber clamor clash climb combat compete complain conflict contend contest cope with • • •
4 definitions

struggle (Verb) — Make a strenuous or laboured effort. ex. "She struggled for years to survive without welfare"

struggle (Verb) — To exert strenuous effort against opposition. ex. "he struggled to get free from the rope"

struggle (Verb) — Climb awkwardly, as if by scrambling.

struggle (Verb) — Be engaged in a fight; carry on a fight. ex. "Militant groups are struggling for control of the country"

9 types of
assay attempt climb endeavor endeavour essay seek strive try
41 type
assail attack bandy battle bear down box brawl chicken-fight chickenfight combat defend dispute drive duel engage fence feud fight fight back fight down • • •

3. struggle (US)

4 synonyms
endeavor make an effort seek strive