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aadventure, addventure, adveenturee, advemture, advennture, adventture, adventur, adventurre, adventuure, advventure, dventure

Adventure — synonyms, definition

1. adventure (Noun)

43 synonyms
accident blunder caper celebration chance coincidence danger dangerous undertaking escapade event fiasco game hazard history holiday indiscretion jeopardy legend marvel milestone • • •
3 definitions

adventure (Noun) — A wild and exciting undertaking (not necessarily lawful).

adventure (Noun) — A remarkable occurrence; an exciting incident or experience.

adventure (Noun) — (dated) a financially risky enterprise.

5 types of
labor labour project task undertaking

2. adventure (Verb)

8 synonyms
gamble jeopardise jeopardize risk run a risk stake take a chance take chances
2 definitions

adventure (Verb) — Take a risk in the hope of a favourable outcome. ex. "When you buy these stocks you are adventuring"

adventure (Verb) — Put at risk.

8 types of
assay attempt essay lay on the line put on the line risk seek try
3 types
go for broke luck it luck through