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ddisorientedd, diisoriiented, disooriented, disoreinted, disorieenteed, disoriemted, disoriennted, disoriente, disorientted, disorriented, dissoriented, dizoriented, isoriented

Disoriented — synonyms, disoriented antonyms, definition

1. disoriented (a)

18 synonyms
aberrant deranged drained emptied enervated erratic exhausted irrational nervous neurotic spent troubled unglued unnerved unstable unstrung weak weakened

2. disoriented (Adjective)

4 synonyms
alienated anomic confused lost
2 definitions

disoriented (Adjective) — Having lost your bearings; confused as to time, place or personal identity. ex. "the anaesthetic left her completely disoriented" ex. "I frequently find myself disoriented when I come up out of the subway"

disoriented (Adjective) — Socially disoriented. ex. "we live in an age of rootless disoriented people"

3. disoriented (Verb)

1 synonym
1 antonym
1 definition

disoriented (Verb) — Cause to be lost or disoriented. ex. "The overall and overwhelming popularity of idiot-level prime-time sitcoms is a testimonial to this need to disorient or disconnect"

23 types of
baffled beat bedeviled befuddled bewildered confounded confused discombobulated dumbfounded flummoxed foxed fuddled got graveled mystified nonplussed perplexed posed puzzled stuck • • •