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ddiscriminating, diiscriimiinatiing, disccriminating, discriimnating, discrimimatimg, discriminaating, discriminatin, discriminatingg, discriminatting, discriminnatinng, discrimminating, discrimniatnig, discrininating, discrmiinating, discrriminating, diskriminating, disscriminating, dizcriminating, iscriminating

Discriminating — synonyms, discriminating antonyms, definition

1. discriminating (a)

63 synonyms
aesthetic apt artistic astute balanced careful choosy circumspect collected considerate critical cultivated dainty debonair delicate discerning discreet discriminate eclectic elegant • • •

2. discriminating (Adjective)

6 synonyms
acute incisive knifelike penetrating penetrative piercing
1 antonym
2 definitions

discriminating (Adjective) — Showing or indicating careful judgment and discernment especially in matters of taste. ex. "the discriminating eye of the connoisseur"

discriminating (Adjective) — Having or demonstrating ability to recognize or draw fine distinctions.

3. discriminating (Verb)

3 synonyms
knowing apart separating singling out
3 definitions

discriminating (Verb) — Recognize or perceive the difference.

discriminating (Verb) — Treat differently on the basis of factors such as sex, race, age, etc..

discriminating (Verb) — Distinguish. ex. "I could not discriminate the different tastes in this complicated dish"

15 types of
differentiating discerning distinguishing making out picking out recognising recognizing secernating secerning separating severalising severalizing spotting telling telling apart
10 types
disadvantaging disfavoring disfavouring hiving off insulating isolating redlining segregating subtilising subtilizing