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ddiscernment, diiscernment, disccernment, disceernmeent, discermmemt, discermnent, discernmen, discernmentt, discernmment, discernnent, discernnmennt, discerrnment, diskernment, disscernment, dizcernment, iscernment

Discernment — synonyms, definition

1. discernment (Noun)

47 synonyms
acumen appreciation apprehension aptitude astuteness awareness choice cognition common sense comprehension cultivation desire discretion discrimination distinction insight intellect intelligence intuition judgement • • •
5 definitions

discernment (Noun) — The cognitive condition of someone who understands. ex. "he has virtually no discernment of social cause and effect"

discernment (Noun) — Delicate discrimination (especially of aesthetic values).

discernment (Noun) — Perception of that which is obscure.

discernment (Noun) — The mental ability to understand and discriminate between relations.

discernment (Noun) — The trait of judging wisely and objectively. ex. "a man of discernment"

7 types of
discrimination knowing perception sapience secernment wisdom wiseness
38 types
appreciation brainstorm brainwave caution circumspection common sense comprehension connoisseurship culture delicacy discreetness discretion eye good sense grasp grasping gumption hindsight hold horse sense • • •
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tasteful tasteless tasty